Best Leather Wallets Brands to Drool Over

The clothes and the accessories are the extensions of your style statement. They should compliment your personality and not the otherwise. Other than the right clothes according to your body shape, a good watch and proper shoes there is one more accessory that defines your personality and that is your wallet. The price of wallets available in the market depends on the brand and quality.

You can buy a wallet for as low as Rs.150 or can spend a fortune on a good quality leather wallet. Low price and low-quality wallets often degrade your personality hence you should avoid them as much as possible. We have compiled a list of best leather wallets brands that are good enough to drool over.

  1. Mont Blanc:

Who else you would believe other than a company that has an experience of more than 90 years in making high-end leather products? Mont Blanc is known for its craftsmanship and modern designs as per the era. The durable calfskin exterior and soft lambskin interior make this wallet one of the best choices available in the market.

  1. Bally:

It is one of the most popular luxury brands in footwear and leather accessories all across the globe. Bally wallet’s functionality and modern design keep the brand tall in the overcrowded market of high-end wallets. The silk lined calfskin wallet will make you feel majestic and royal.

  1. Hidesign:

Founded back in 1978, Hidesign is known for its luxury products. The company makes high-end durable and comfortable accessories for both men and women. The Hidesign bags are equally popular as Hidesign wallets. The company does not refine or paint the original texture and design of the leather to give it authentic characteristics. The natural and ecological tanning process gives the wallets unmatchable strength and durability.

  1. Gucci:

The company ‘G4cci’ is famous for luxury items and often considered one of the highest priced brands in the market. The company manufactures specially designed and colored wallets which match every personality. The craftsmanship is exquisite and has no match in the market.

  1. Baggit:

Founded in 1990, this Indian company has an interesting history. Nina Lekhi who is the founder of the brand has defeated all odds and spread the roots to many locations across the globe. The company produces luxury items for both men and women. The leather Baggit wallets are soft, durable and highly functional.

  1. Berluti:

The Company has its priorities set on classic craftsmanship and comfort rather than trendiness. If you are looking for a vintage wallet that has enough space and comes in a classic design, then this brand is specially selected for you.

There are a lot of factors that decide the worthiness of a wallet. From material to durability and functionality to design, there are a lot of points to consider before you make your choice. An ideal wallet remains in your possession for around a decade and it should not fall apart anytime sooner. By choosing the right wallet, you can enhance your personality and show a positive attitude to peers and colleagues.

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