Best Options with the Smoking Subscription Boxes Now

If you are a smoker, here are five very simple tips from our own experience to start the electronic cigarette in good conditions. You know that the electronic cigarette is not a cigarette in the sense that there is no tobacco or combustion. It is a vaporizer that can or cannot diffuse nicotine and whose e-liquid usually contains five main ingredients.

The Reason for Understanding

It is important to understand that e-cigarettes are a method of reducing the risk to the adult smoker. It only makes sense if it is compared to smoking, responsible for 73,000 deaths per year in France and which, according to Bercy, would cost the company 47 billion euros each year (including 14 billion tax revenues).

The Ingredients

The ingredients presented above are present in the food and pharmaceutical industry for a long time and its known health professionals. Even if the scientific knowledge around the product has a strong need to enrich itself, because inhaling for example aromas is not the same as ingesting them, according to studies known so far the electronic cigarette has a toxicological profile at low risk and can be compared to some nicotine substitutes sold in pharmacies. So if you are to opt for the Smoking Subscription Boxes then it will be perfect to check first.

The Elements

Traces of nitrosamines, formaldehyde or acrolein, which have been detected by some studies, seem to be very debatable (experimental protocols) and very far (positively) from the thresholds deemed acceptable by some health authorities (Occupational Exposure Limits). The simple fact that carbon monoxide, tar or the deadly cocktail of nitrosamines in large quantities, are not present in the vapor of an electronic cigarette, would eliminate most of the risks associated with smoking. The smoker who is interested in the electronic cigarette therefore has to accept the unknowns of its long-term use. But if smoking includes many health risks, vaping exclusively, ie completely replace the tobacco with an electronic cigarette using e-liquid, will certainly reduce risk.


Do not expect to find the taste and effect of a tobacco cigarette, it has nothing to do (or almost). On the other hand, the pleasure that one can derive from it is comparable, even more pleasant, with the act of smoking. It’s a question of material, approach and time. A simple and good advice we can give you is not to buy an electronic cigarette with which you cannot change e-liquid (the famous product that makes steam). The crucial point of the ecig is to change e-liquid to vary the pleasures and especially find those that are best for you, both in terms of taste and nicotine dosage.

It is common to hear in the testimonials of vapers that a few months are sometimes necessary to gradually reduce its consumption of cigarettes, before going completely to the Smoking Subscription Boxes. The transition can be done naturally and one less cigarette is one step closer to weaning, but the goal of zero cigarettes must not change. The real danger of smoking is the duration of consumption. In any case, never hesitate to consult a health professional in case of doubt. Tobacco specialists are now more and more informed about the product.

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