Five Dumb Mistakes You Need to Avoid before Buying a New Car from a Car Dealership

A survey done by Auto Traders in 2014 revealed the harsh truth of new buyers’ state after buying a new car. Where 70% of them agreed to regret their decision of buying the new car, only 30% were satisfied with their investment. These 70% new buyers had no idea what to expect from a car dealer and ended up making mistakes. If you are also looking to buy a new car, these are the five mistakes you need to avoid.

  1. Not doing research properly

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make while buying a new car. You need to do proper research, not just about the car that you intend to buy but also of the dealer that you are going to buy it from. More often than not people stick to a dealer near them not having a clue about the discount other dealers have to offer.

  1. Avoiding the test drive session

All the dealers provide test drive session and you need to avail them to get the hands-on experience of your car. Though you might have done a lot of research and read a lot of reviews but when it comes to performance, nothing beats the hands on experience. Even when you have made up your mind for a particular car, it never hurts to get a test drive session.

  1. Too much focus on deals and payments

You look at a dealer giving you a quote that is less than others and you settle for the same not knowing about the hidden charges. While manufacturer suggested retail price is same for almost all the dealers, the hidden cost varies greatly. In addition to MSRP, you have several taxes, insurance cost etc. Some dealers also charge convenience fees and service fees. Do not just settle for anything after seeing the MSRP, ask for the final quote.

  1. Not sticking to the authorized dealers

It is always advisable to buy a car from its authorized dealer. For example, if you are looking forward to buy a Mercedes Benz, it is always suggested to go to authorized Mercedes Dealership. Apart from providing you genuine car with original spare parts (yes, you read it right), the authorized dealers also give you best deals.

  1. Not reading the paperwork properly

Since buying a car is a huge investment, it is necessary to look at all the paperwork carefully and read the terms and conditions. Know everything including insurance to services properly to avoid any problem in future.


Once you are aware of these mistakes, you can easily avoid them to get the best deal for your car. Always remember to stick with authorized dealers and get the best services in great price.

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